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The concept behind this game is, the players will wedge the EOS on the dice throwing game, or the platforms uniquely designed baccarat game. With these unique features, the platform is able to offer its users makes it the top-rated dApp that is currently on the EOS network. A platform that has been able to gunner over $5 million in betting volume. The company designed to address some of the fundamental problems that are existing in the centralized online gaming platforms. Some of the challenges the platform has been able to address are the lack of trust that exists in these platform, the costly fees on the games, and not forgetting the high house advantage that tends to kill your motivation to play. The company has ensured it has พนันบอลออนไลน์ leveraged the EOS.IO blockchain technology so that it is able to offer their various users the efficiency of instant transaction times, zero fees in the transactions they carry out plus a near-zero latency. The dApp has also gone ahead to claim that it is the very first community-driven online casino that you can find in the market. This is by allowing the holders of the BET token to be able to receive some instant rewards in the form of the EOS ; this has been calculated to be around 100% of the profit that is earned from the game. The payouts are instantly calculated and distributed to the users, but this is proportionally based on the number of BET tokens each user has at the said time.

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