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In January 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a still earlier Florida law, saying it unconstitutionally let judges determine the facts that would lead to a death sentence, rather than juries. That law also allowed judges to override a jury's recommendation or impose the death penalty if a majority of jurors recommended it. Executions in Florida, home to the nation's second-largest death row, have been on hold since the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling. There are 382 people in Florida prisons who have been sentenced to die. Since the process of appealing death penalty verdicts can take decades, some have been on death row since the 1970s. The only state with more people on death row than Florida is California, where 749 inmates have been condemned to die. California has not executed anyone since 2006.

During the latest period, eight of the 13 global gaming equipment manufacturers reported month-to-month increases in stock price, with two up by more than 10 percent. Five manufacturers reported decreases in stock price during the month with one experiencing double-digit losses. The broader stock markets continued to gain value in February 2017. The S&P 500 reported a month-to-month increase of 3.7 percent, rising to 2,363.64. Additionally, the Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 4.8 percent to 20,812.24, while the NASDAQ increased 3.8 percent during the period to 5,825.44. Selected positive contributors to the February 2017 AGEM Index included the following: Aristocrat Technologies (ALL) contributed 11.07 points due to a 9.64 percent increase in stock price to AU$16.60. Scientific Games Corporation (SGMS) reported a 21.47 percent increase in stock price, rising to $20.65 and contributing 4.82 points. Konami Corp (TYO: 0766) contributed 3.74 points due to a 4.87 percent increase in stock price to 4,740. Selected negative contributors included the following: With a stock price of $9.10 (-6.47 percent), Agilysys (AGYS) contributed negative 0.17 points. Ainsworth Game Technology (AGI) contributed negative 0.12 points to the index due to a 3.31 percent decline in stock price to AU$1.75. AGEM With the final numbers for the year tallied, it is a good time to review performances of the past year at two of the largest US domestic markets, as well as Macau China. Nevada's tourism and gaming industries showed positive trends to close out 2016.

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